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I wanted to introduce myself to this forum.  I enlisted here in 2009, but I was hit with a curve and I couldn't log back in for years.  Now, I am back.  But, I need to re-make old contacts and new friends.

About me:  I am a freelance writer by trade.  It isn't as glamourous as it sounds. I also find ties in the steampunk scene and wrote a novella called Slave to Marshmallows in this genre.  I am trying my hand at my first dieselpunk story, called The Pill.

I also draw and might make The Pill into a short comic. 

Other than that, I enjoy collecting books on the history of the era of the late 1800's into the 1940s, mainly outfitting and art/graphic design.

Please add me as a friend if you feel so inclined.

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Hi NR,

I really recommend getting in touch with the ePulp authors (just check out the big banner at the top for their info).  These guys are the leading force in our writing community.

As for your work, can you give us some teasers for "The Pill?"  If it's cool enough for comics, then it should be a blast.

Sorry to take so long to say hello. Welcome back.

Glad you're back!  Looking forward to your work.  I'm one of those ePulp authors.  We have a second one on the horizon, so stop by the Writer's Group and we'll talk shop.

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