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My name is rob.  I'm an artist. I've always been more of a diesel fan as opposed to a steam fan, even before I knew there was a "name" for the genre.  Anyway, I've been lurking around here for a few days now, just checking things out, etc.. and I figured I'd come out and say hello.


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Thank ya kindly!
welcome and congrats to your work. Checked your page and I like the faux bomber panels :-)
Welcome, denkleder. Did you ever finish that job you were working on that you posted on http://robschwager.com/?p=471
Thanks for the welcome!

I'm still working on it in between regular "day job" work. I usually have a few different ones "in progress" at any given time.

That particular one, is for a gallery show in May, so I still have some time to complete it.
I look forward to the final product. You certainly are very talented. It's great to have you with us.
Thank you, and thank you all for making me feel welcome here.

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