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People from Foreign Policy recently published a nice gallery of pre-PRC Hong Kong photos (who said politics?). May be a bit out of timeframe, but I am sure you will agree that the diesel spirit does exist in the pictures.

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Great photo.  Looked like Metropolis at first glance.

Quite beautiful, I like it!

"Forget it, Jake... it's Chinatown."

I feel bad for not thinking of that!

Jonny B. Goode said:

"Forget it, Jake... it's Chinatown."

Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Glad to be of service, gentlemen.

Spent a bit of time in Hong Kong back in the early 70s. It was certainly one of the most interesting places I visited in the Pacific. The contrasts between modern and traditional were always amazing. Step around a corner and you entered a different world.

Thanks for sharing, Komissar! 

I look forward to what you can do with that photo, Stefan!

Stefan said:

Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

These are amazing! i need more of this in my life!

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