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Hunting Old Glory Firework From Operation Torch

Greetings all,

Last year at a fireworks display I and most of the crowd was impressed by one that bloomed out into a huge Smile Face. :-) A pretty neat trick, I thought. Yet recently I was doing a lot of research into Operation Torch (America's invasion of French held North Africa during WWII.) Mentioned in more than a few books was a description of an even more impressive aerial display used by our troops to hopefully win over the French forces guarding the beaches.

From one source by David H. Lippman:

Col. Greer wades ashore at 1 a.m. with his command team. A sergeant joins them, carrying a Rube Goldberg-like mortar that is designed to hurl a giant pyrotechnic display in the air. The firework is that of a vast American flag. The idea is to fire the mortar, show the flag, and the image of Old Glory will encourage the French to cease-fire. . . . With a loud boom, the rocket flies into the air and explodes into a beautiful American flag, 200 feet in the air. It hangs in space for a few seconds. Then the French open fire with everything they have, mortars, rifles, machine guns. . . . Greer and his HQ Company, fully illuminated, hit the dirt, shoving their noses in the sand, cursing brass-hats angrily.

As you can see this idea, along with numerous others of Torch, didn't work out quite as planned. However, you gotta admit, THAT must have been one very impressive firework! Certainly far more impressive than just a Smile Face. Right? So ya would think that you would be able to find a shot of something similar, either modern or historic, . . . somewhere. Yet I sure can't. Any suggestions???


Keep It FUN!
Dan G

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