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Just finished a couple of hours ago. Photo has come out a little shiny. But you should get the general idea.

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I like the plane design and background, but the eyes and lips of the figure seem out of place. Compared to the stark geometric designs of everything else, the curves are too smooth and un-uniform (is that even a word?).

It's a hard style to master, but I think you're getting closer and more adventurous with every new work. Congrats Neil!
I absolutely agree, the face has bugged me. My usual fair has been hot rods and pin up girls. So I'm trying to bring some Low Brow elements into my work. Its gonna take some time And a lot of dead canvas.lol! I started a huge piece based on Britannia. Haven't touched it in 2 days. If I can't muster up enthusiasm for it tonight I'll start again.
Consider going more abstract with the facial features. More angles and less curves. That should get you closer to a unified style.

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