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I was curious what reaction others here receive from the public when you're wearing dieselpunk style? Most of the time mine is pretty positive. Especially from senior citizens. Today was a little disturbing though. I was dressed in what I call my "Godfather style" meaning all black with a white tie and my white fedora (the same hat as in my photo here). We were out eating lunch when I noticed some women looking at a cell phone laughing. After they left my wife leaned over and told me that they had taken my photo.

Anyone else get odd reactions when wearing dieselpunk fashion?

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A good question.

Generally, no, I get mostly favorable reactions. (I get the "oddball" looks when I'm dressed steampunk, lol.) I have several different "styles", and they all get their own reactions. When I'm in my zoot suit, I get "hey you're a pimp" a lot - a reaction I hate. (But the word "pimp" has changed it's meaning in the last few years; I have to keep reminding myself that...) I get a lot of people saying "you're always dressed to the nines" and suchlike. Which strangely enough, seems to get a different response from different people; a lot of white people seem to think it's very weird (in today's culture where "dressing up" means wearing a clean t-shirt with your baggies and untied sneakers), while a lot of blacks and hispanics (and, as you noted, older people) seem to be very positive.
I always get a positive response. People may have forgotten how to dress nicely, but they still recognize it when they see it.
I don't wear any period pieces, but some friends of mine feel alright with the public appearance in military-style outfits or zoot suits. The overall reaction is positive, save for some 'You pimp!' remarks for the zooties.
Growing up in a northern English town as soon as you stand out from the norm you are a target and object of abuse. I came to diesel punk via the Rockabilly / Kustom kulture scene, I have always dressed apart from the crowd. Now my personal take on dieselpunk mixes classic 30/40s styles with my existing image. I'll be a Hepkat till I die daddio. I deal with it the same way I always have, 90% of it I laugh of, as for the drunken 10% of idiots that pursue matters and think taunting me is a fun interlude to there day..Well they had better have brushed up on there Queensberry rules.
I have a 30's-inspired military-esque outfit that I wore to Comic Con and a Halloween party, but I've received a lot of negative comments about it ("You're a Nazi!") so I don't wear it outside of such events.

It's actually a reproduction of the Sky Marshal's jackets from the movie Starship Troopers, not an actual historical uniform of any sort, so to me it's odd that it gets that reaction. (But then again, I'm sure I could wear a Russian or Ukrainian or Czech or Polish uniform and the "great unwashed" would still think it looked like a "Nazi" uniform.)
Especially Polish, with all those White Eagles :)
People in the US are largely ignorant. If they see a snappy dress uniform with peaked cap and boots, it's automatically Nazi. (Unless you're swarthy-looking, in which case they might think "South-American Dictator"...)
It's a widespread malady. I remember a well-educated nice girl who started to scream when she saw Starship Troopers on TV: "Nazi movie, how can they broadcast it, how they dare, this Heinlein was a fascist...' and so on. All my efforts to explain that Heinlein was an honest naval officer who a) had nothing in common with the Fascist movement and b) influenced the Hippie movement, were useless.
I believe it was Phil Foglio who said to me at Comic Con this year, "It's a great look... too bad a bunch of folks had to go and ruin it for everybody a few years back."
I feel ya, Jonny B.

Check out my jacket from the Halloween photos. I was going for the Sky Command from "Sky Captain" look, but I guess Angelina pulls it off better than me.
My wife and I went to a banquet tonight so I really cranked it up with my black suit, white vest, red tie and black Fedora. I got several nice comments and nothing negative.
I've got a gig on the 20th for a Christmas charity fair, and I'm trying to decide what to wear. I don't want to be too over-the-top and show up the rest of the band (so the zoot suit is out)... I'm thinking black boots with spats, my black pleated slacks with braces, short watch chain, red shirt, my black duster with a gold scarf (I'll be playing outside), and a black fedora. I'm looking for a swingy christmas tie to wear with it...something green to offset the red and gold...

And of course my ammo belt (it's where I keep my harps).

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