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Let me make clear at the outset that these aren't Diesel Era stories, they are stories placed in our modern times. However, they are most certainly stories that draw on topics and horrors from World War Two. They are also most certainly reminiscent of the Non-Stop, Slam-Bang, Action Thrillers of the Pulps. As such, I figured that others here might also enjoy them. So grab these books with both hands and hang on tight, cause Robinson ain't stopping or slowing these roller-coasters down for nothin'! 

I'm sure anyone familiar with the horrors and atrocities of the Bio-Human experimentation conducted by the Imperial Japanese Army at their notorious Unit 731 during WWII will find this story rather interesting. Robinson postulates the idea of, "What If they never stopped? How far could some things have actually gone?" And gone, And Gone, AND GONE??? 

Fantastic Fiction - Island 731


Next up, two books from hopefully the start of a much larger series. This time its the Nazis with their Super Secret (and the Weird Science) of their Wunderwaffe. Here Robinson postulates, "What If the Nazis only shammed loosing the war, but in truth they grabbed up all of their nastiest toys and went into hiding in order to prepare for a second coming?" Of course not ALL of them went into hiding, per-say, for the US and Russia were certainly more then happy to put many of them in full control of some of our most advanced and secret scientific research and institutions! (Yeah, we ACTUALLY did that!) 

Fantastic Fiction - Milos Vesely series - SecondWorld


Fantastic Fiction - I Am Cowboy


So, has anybody else read these? What did you think of them???

Keep It FUN!

Dan G

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