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An aging (Sept. 2010) publication in Popular Science based on real predictions:The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates that demand for statistics wonks will swell by 20 percent by 2018. As the barrage of data grows—tweets, insulin-meter uploads, facial-recognition billboards—we’ll need skilled people to choose what data to pull and how to make it useful.

Pediatric DNA banks may someday help cure cancer, autism and diabetes in the womb.

Virgin Galactic plans to launch the first commercial suborbital spaceflights by 2012 for about $200,000 a seat. With competition from other companies, that price could soon drop low enough for daily shuttle service to outer space, the moon and asteroids for tourism, mining and science.

We’ll need savvy workers making—and remaking—’bots to ensure that they operate seamlessly in our world. And we’ll require help coping in theirs.

When ITER starts up in France in 2019, it will be the first thermonuclear reactor with a chance of fusing nuclei together to yield net power. If it works (and that’s a big “if”), about five fusion plants could generate enough gigawatts to power New York City at its peak usage.

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