Dieselpunk + Steampunk Culture

Any Ideas :D ?

What would constitute a steampunk or dieselpunk food?

It obviously has to have something from the respective era to make it retro

It also has to have something recent to make it futurist

And it has to have some weird element that is non-mainstream in order to make it punk.

Any thoughts? This could end up being an interesting topic. Hell, all the ideas here could even make for a profitable restaurant.

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http://www.reprorations.com/ is apparently moving and will not be accepting orders until September 2015. 

Captain said:

Here is someone selling reproduction British WW II rations:  http://reprorations.com/Britain%20WW2/WW2-Britain.htm

They also sell reproduction German rations among others:  http://reprorations.com/Germany%20WW2/WW2-Germany.htm


France's "reserve rations" for WW I http://17thdivision.tripod.com/rationsoftheageofempire/id15.html

When I was a kid, visiting my grandmother in the 1960s, Fridays were without exception days when lunch was a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato soup, or clam chowder and crackers, and dinner was fish and chips with a green vegetable or baked fish and cauliflower in the summer (when you could get fresh cauliflower). Every meal also involved coffee, even for us kids, which sometimes came with homemade apple or cherry pie. This was the '60s, but my grandmother was still cooking like it was the 1920s, and did so throughout her life. I also have memories of turning the manual coal hopper in her basement to reload the furnace, especially first thing in the morning. My grandparents also had really stylish fans, which were set up in front of the windows to create a crossdraft to push and pull air from whichever side of the house was cooler at a given time of day. My grandmother complained about the air conditioning whenever she visited us in hot weather. At home, she cooled off by drinking enormous glasses of iced tea. I guess my point is that food and household habits were not really exotic in those days, What we might do with these motifs however is another matter. Apple pie is really tasty if you mix a couple of shots of absinthe into the apples! And really a creepy shade of green!

Peanut butter with pickle slices on a burger bun, a ww2 meat substitute it's good!

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