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It has been a while since I laid down some paint on canvas. Its a small piece, however it has re-kindled my painting side.

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That's a tight piece, Neil. Great composition, good choice of classic deco colors... its a success!

I tried my hand at Art Deco this weekend, and its a lot harder than I thought. If there's a simple way to describe it, it would be "geometric dynamic balance" and that's really hard to accomplish. Things that are balanced aren't normally dynamic, and things that are geometric make it difficult to balance a piece with any interest.

All in all, thumbs up. I'd like to see more if you have it in you.
I like the perspective. Very nice.
Cheers chaps. My trade is Tattoo Artist. Buy my training an education are Technical and General Illustration. Which I suppose lend themselves to the genre. Yesterday I purchased several more canvases. Which I shall happily post, If I don't make a complete hash of them.lol!
There's two big reasons I love computers as art tools.

#1 - The UNDO tool.

#2 - Free canvas.

This upswing in Art Deco has given me the inspiration to dust off Adobe Illustrator and give it another go.
Good stuff. The potential for digitally produced art is limitless. I always admire folk who work with this media. However apart from cleaning up the odd image I create I think its beyond me. I Think I'm a Rotring pen and paint man till the end. I saw your revamp of the Dieselpunk logo. If this is the shape of things to come, its looking good.
DH Dragon, I presume. Love it. Nice painting, Neil, thank you.
Or Rapide. One of my favorite civilian airoplanes. Glad you liked it. :D
Thanks. I do a lot of Photoshop work during the day, so I finally broke down a got a Wacom tablet for the office. It looks like an Etch-a-Sketch, but you can draw on it with a pressure sensitive pen (with an eraser on the end). As you draw on the tablet, the program reacts accordingly. For "painting" and "airbrushing," it can't be beat.

Art Deco, with all of it's geometry, is definitely something you need drafting skills and a steady hand for.
Looking forward to seeing the works you create with it.

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