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I found a Kickstarter campaign that I'm so tempted to join.  The Qwerkywriter is a vintage looking USB keyboard you can use with your computer or tablet.  Check out some of the images as I could easily see integrating this into your Dieselpunk office.  Heck, I'm strongly tempted and I only have laptops now.

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While I appreciate the idea, it seems like an expensive knock-off of my friend Ben's USB Typewriter (http://www.usbtypewriter.com/).

Darn Nice! BOTH versions! But I think that the USB Typewriter version might be a tad heavy to lug off to the local Starbucks. :-)

I ordered one....:-)

I do like those conversion kits too though Tome

I like both versions actually, but I saw that the conversion kit could work with my own sixty year old Optima Elite typewriter which I thought was interesting. I may have to get me one of those conversion kits. :-)

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