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Well ladies & gents, the deep freeze is on, and I know you're all looking for some exciting reasons to fire up the Creativity engine.


How the Exhibition Works

Each Expo features a specific theme related to the Dieselpunk ethos and aesthetic. Create your masterworks of art, fiction, nonfiction, photography or other media (we welcome music, film, cosplay, video--anything you can display on a computer in some way!) for that theme.

Be a Part of It All

  • Send your entry on to me at athenaexpoATdieselpunksDOTorg.
  • In your subject line, put "Dieselpunks Expo" and the name of the theme.
  • Make sure to include your Dieselpunks site name so I can tag you accurately.
  • To cover all our bases, send me a PM through dieselpunks.org to let me know you've emailed me with an entry (in the past, my spamcatcher has been overly zealous).
  • Multiple entries are welcome! Collaborations are welcome!

I will post all the Expo entries at once on the last day of the month for that Expo's theme. You may send me entries at any time until the last day of the theme's month.



So try this on for size...


February: In honor of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre (and I very well could be talking about the way that box of chocolates looks on February 15th), February is our month to celebrate...Gangsters. And when I say Gangsters, I'm talking real old school gangsters. Oftentimes as much folk heroes as hardened killers, there's no doubt that these goodfellas had an influence on the diesel age. But are they punk? Only you can say for sure.

March: It's Swingtime, baby! By the time March rolls around, we've all got cabin fever here in the Northern hemisphere, and if that puts ants in yer pants, the only thing you can do is dance. Music and dance are creative expressions, yet they're mathematics and mechanics respectively as well. Gadgets and gizmos have their place in the *punk ethos...but it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.

April: Technically going into spring, April showers bring May flowers, but what kind of plants flower in the Dieselpunk ethos? We spend a lot of time on steam and steel, what fair flowers blossom in the good earth? Push the diesel ethos out of the big city and onto the farms and where the wild things are.



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I hope I have something worked up for at least April, i've been missing on the Exhibitions for too long, through that by no means states that I haven't carefully followed it! :)
I've just gotten around to looking into this. I think I'll have something cooked up for April.
Thanks for coordinating.

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