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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – January 2012 Archive (5)

Potato Digger in Beantown

In 1919 America was gripped by a Communist scare and Boston was no different. Coupled with the rampant paranoia of a vast infiltration of the United States by Red agents, the City of Boston was facing a peril from within, a strike of its entire police force.

Boston raised the United States' first professional police department in 1838. And now, in  the fall of 1919…


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Review: Ian Fleming's Commandos

If you look at Ian Fleming purely through the fictional lens of his seminal creation Cdr. James Bond, you might scoff at his comprehension of skullduggery and gadgetry especially watching the 007 movies of the 1960s and 70s. You may also doubt how immersed Fleming was in the world that is said to have inspired him, specifically clandestine warfare of World War…


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Exploding Mollusks Pt. 2

Last week, we examined the birth of naval special warfare sabotage operations during World War I. Fast foreward to World War II and the British efforts to create a reliable weapon to be used by frogmen. The result, Mark 1/6 limpet mine.

Born as a crude knock-up of an idea, the Allied limpet mine would be produced in large numbers and used throughout the…


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Exploding Mollusks Pt.1

From World War I through World War II, Italian Navy engineers were at the vanguard of special maritime operations. From the use of combat divers to the development of weapons, Italian naval expertise knew no rival in unconventional littoral combat. An example of their special warfare prowess started in the closing weeks of World War I when a rudimentary limpet mine sent to…


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Down Under's Finest SMG

Australia went to war as a member of the Commonwealth, fighting primarily with Commonwealth weapons. But as a continent, facing the dropping heel of the Japanese Imperial boot, their military forces needed as many firearms as they could get their hands on. So instead of turning outwards for more guns, they looked inwards to a 27-year-old who created one of the most reliable…


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