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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – February 2011 Archive (4)

Tack Driving Combat Pistol

In the pantheon of early 20th century semi-automatic military pistols, the greats are universally agreed upon. The Colt 1911 and Browning Hi Power are considered tops by many. Add in the Walther P-38 and of course the famous Makarov from the former USSR.


Yet, what pistol is missing from those ranks? How about the Sig P210? The Swiss-made pistol, according to…


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Thompson Up-Chambered

The Thompson submachine gun is a true classic in small arms. It is an icon of gangsters and GIs alike. The standard Thompson went through a series of modfications during its service life. The Tommy Gun, as standard,  was chambered in .45 ACP (outside of some British multi-caliber efforts like 9mm and .30 Mauser,) except for an attempt by Thompson engineers to create a light…


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One Man, Three Weapons

Historically the sniper has been portrayed as a lone wolf, edgy and odd, living on the periphery of battle and comradeship. Able to calmly remove another human being from the ranks of the living with one shot. Yet for each war there have been heroes, snipers whose skills transcend the nagging stereotypes.


One such example, Sgt. H.A. Marshall, a Canadian…


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Allies Called it the Pneumatic Hammer

The modern battlefield has a diverse variety of crew-served weapons, from machine guns to grenade launchers. Its the latter category, exemplified by the AGS-17 and MK-19, that have a lineage going back decades, including to a weapon of a different class but many similarities.


The Rheinmetall MK-108 was a 30mm German aircraft cannon that was a marvel of…


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