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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – February 2013 Archive (3)

Japan's Three Barreled Flare Gun

The Japanese Nambu Type 90 flare gun is one odd looking pistol. Weighing in at almost four pounds, the Nambu flare gun was designed for the Japanese Imperial Navy. Called the Type 90 (for the Japanese calendar year it was created) it was a 28mm flare gun.

There are four different levers and controls on this simple…


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One Big Gas Gun

The Manville is one heck of an angry looking gun. If you've seen the Christopher Walken classic, Dogs of War, you've seen this gun's cousin. But in the 1930s a machinist had an idea for a large capacity gas gun for use by police during riots.

The Manville essentially is a large revolver, that was born in 1936 as a 12 gauge riot gun. designed to arm police and…


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Tandem Fed Vesely Machine Carbine

When a Czech immigrant arrived in Great Britain his claim to fame would not be a successful entry to the firearms canon, but rather an intriguing footnote that showed ingenuity could be matched with reliability. 

The never ending search for larger capacity firearms, whether they were pistols or rifles, drove weapons designers during the first four decades of the 20th…


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