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Pistol of Swiss Guard and Kaiser

If you looked at their mustard yellow and vibrant blue pants and chest covered by polished steel breast plate, you would not think the Pontifical Swiss Guard were real soldiers tasked with protecting the Pope. In fact the Swiss Guard are members of the Swiss military, trained not only in ceremonial duties, but unarmed combat and small arms usage in the name of protecting…


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100th Weapon of War Post: Steyr M1912

This will be my 100th weapons related post here at Dieselpunks, enjoying every minute of it since starting way back in 2010. And judging by the ideas rattling around my head and the stack of reference in my home, there will be many, many more posts to come.

So, to mark my 100th post I wanted to introduce to you a classic but popularly overlooked weapon that celebrates…


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The Sticky Bomb

Sometimes great weapon ideas don't always work in practice. If you are an army, needing simpe yet effective anti-tank weapons the idea of an adhesive grenade seems a good one. However, when the grenade is so sticky that it could end up clinging to your clothes in the seconds before detonation, the ideas quickly becomes bad.

The No.74 ST Grenade, aka Sticky Bomb, was…


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Rocket on Wheels

German anti-tank rocket technology took various forms during World War II. Efforts went from the expendable Panzerfaust to the larger more traditional bazooka-type Raketenpanzerbusche. The Ofenrorhr, the latter weapon's nickname due to its stovepipe-like look, launched an 88mm rocket that was put into another weapon system, the Puppchen.

What is particularly…


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