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Improvised Defense: UK Arms Ingenuity Pt.2

The Northover Projector was a classic improvised 'pipe gun' pieced together British weapon of World War II. Facing possible invasion by the forces of Hitler's Germany and no spectrum of anti-tank weapons ready for territorial defense, ingenuity became the weapon's designer's best friend.


With the Northover Projector they turned a simple piece of pipe into an…


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Improvised Defense: UK Arms Ingenuity Pt.1

It's said that adversity and austerity are muses of invention; or as U.S. Marines say, Improvise - Adapt - Overcome.

As the British people faced the specter of imminent invasion from the forces of the Third Reich every manner of weapon, old and new was pressed into service.

And when weapons could not be ramped up, they were improvised. One such example of…


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Gnat Against Elephants: The Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

Today, anti-material rifles run the gamut from .338 Lapua up to 20mm shoulder fired weapons. Whether they are bolt action or semi-automatic, man portable weapons that take out soft skinned vehicles, equipment and personnel are being produced in every major arms manufacturing nation.


But go back to the eve of the Second World War, thinking still titled larger…


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Bren Gun: Icon of War and Pin Up Propaganda Pt. II

Weapons were needed in massive quantities with unerring reliability. Nations under the British Commonwealth, participants in the war against the Axis,like Australia, India and Canada were expected to produce their share of weapons for the fight. And with the Bren Gun, the premiere light machine-gun of the Commonwealth, production numbers soared through each year of the war.…


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