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Two Tons of Explosives In the Air

The sight of a massive bomber gliding into a bridge or ship is terrifying, whether disabled or on a suicide mission. What if you could create a bomber -sized aircraft that was in fact a giant bomb. That is the concept that piqued the interest of Luftwaffe engineers and led to the creation of the Mistel.


War planners looked at the Luftwaffe fleet and found the…


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From Norway to Brazil: Madsen Soldiers On

After a century, an automatic rifle that has long remained in the small-arms shadows has reemerged. The Madsen Light Machinegun, fielded in 1902, has battled from the tundra of winter Norway in the 20th century to the steamy ramshackles of Brazil.




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Bullet Spewing Frankenstein of a Medal of Honor Recipient

Looking at the "Stinger" of Corporal Tony Stein and it'll seems a piecemeal weapon. Not quite a World War II general purpose machine gun, not quite a rifle. Stein- a pre-war machinist from Dayton, Ohio- turned war hero charged into battle with this Frankenstein of a rifle.


You see, from a small arms point of view it simply appears like a M1 Garand stock mated…


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The Tale of Two Webleys Pt.2

Last week we profiled the strange recoil-cammed "Automatic Revolver" from Webley-Fosbery. Another pistol from the Webley design house was the .455 Self Loading Webley-Scott MK 1. One of the most ergonomically awkward appearing guns, the W&S MK 1 was the arms company's attempt at creating a domestic semi-automatic pistol to compete with the already numerous semi-autos of…


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The Tale of Two Webleys Pt.1

The Webley break-top revolver is a classic and iconic pistol of Great Britain. A reliable, long lasting and handsome pistol, the Webley served British forces for decades in the first half of the 20th century. However, the company that manufactured the .455 caliber revolver also took a few stabs at semi-automatic pistols- one such handgun a hybrid revolver recoil operated…


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