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Colossus from Finland

On the modern battlefield sniper rifles, once the domain of 7.62mm NATO, have become larger and larger caliber affairs. From the .300 WinMag of the 90s to the .338 Lapua today, sniper rifles strike at distances rarely reached in combat, except on a few extraordinary occasions.

However, the larger caliber rifles chambered in .50 caliber, like the versions of the Barrett M82, have much in common with a class of rifle that saw its brief heyday… Continue

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Recently, director Michael Mann (father of the crime epics Heat and Thief) put to celluloid the story of John Dillinger in Public Enemies. In the movie we see very briefly a weapon that captured the imagination of Americans as Dillinger and fellow gangsters blazed their way across the country.

The weapon: the baby machine gun.

Nothing more than… Continue

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Smash & Cleave! The Faibairn Smatchet!

US Marines had the stout K-Bar and SOE-OSS wielded the delicately deadly Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife during World War II. Knives in war-time 1940s took on a variety of shapes and sizes. Some were delicate single edged designed for utility and killing. Others straight up double edged life takers. There were slender pig stickers, lapel blades or in one case, a fat bladed weapon designed to intimidate, cleave, hack and kill.

In the history of special operations and close… Continue

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Last Ditch Grenades of Japan

Hand grenades, arming troops for centuries, took a variety of unusual forms in the hands of soldiers throughout the course of World War II. The Japanese military fielded two hand thrown grenades- one designed to punch through tank armor and the other a last ditch weapon of the Japanese homeland.

With the steady degradation of the Japanese munition manufacturing base by U.S. bombing, manufacturers turned to increasingly novel and unusual designs/construction methods especially… Continue

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