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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – August 2011 Archive (5)

Converted from Tube Artillery to Dropped Ordnance

Finding new uses for obsolete or old munitions have been a part of warfare for centuries. But during World War II, Axis powers found new uses for explosives in ways that proved devastatingly effective.


On the morning of December 7, an anonymous Nakajima B5N "Kate" flew over Pearl Harbor amid the flak, flame and destruction with the majestic American…


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Earthquake Bombs

Wallis Barnes, inventor of the famous bouncing bomb, turned his attention to more conventional gravity bombs, but of tremendous size. The results were the Tallboy and Grand Slam (above) penetrators, the Earthquake bombs of World War II.


Conventional air dropped ordnance, both bombs were distinguished by their size and potential destructive power. The Tallboy,…


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Bouncing Bombs

The Allies needed to strike at the industrial heart of Germany. The Ruhr River Valley was a main artery for the Nazi war machine, keeping it alive in part by harnessing the power of the river through a series of dams. Take out those dams, the Allies wondered, and the blood would stop flowing?


But how to destroy massive dams? UK aeronautical engineer Barnes…


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Look Down, Shoot Down: SG-113

One-shot weapons didn't seem to have a place on the battlefields of World War II, except in German aircraft. As Luftwaffe designers sought out more efficient ways of destroying targets, specifically on the ground, they began a program of vertically mounted one-shot weapon systems.


The SG-113 Forstersonde was a down-ward facing cluster of recoiless weapons…


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The SVT-40

Vasily Zaytsev, the prolific Soviet sniper of World War II, liked the rapid-fire ability of the SVT-40. Even with his beloved Mosin-Nagant racking up most of his enemy kills, the Hero of the Soviet Union believed in the rapid follow-up shots of the semi-automatic rival of the M1 Garand.


It, the SVT-40, a refined version of the SVT-38 was to be the standard…


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