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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – November 2010 Archive (4)

Pedersen's Rifle

As the clouds of war parted, firearms designer John Pedersen looked to the future of small arms, anticipating the need for a new semi-automatic rifle to replace the M1913 Springfield. Pedersen would put together a rifle, unusual for its method of operation, that would go up against the weapon fielded by the U.S. during World War II.

And yet, in the years before the war, the Japanese… Continue

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The Pedersen Device

John Pedersen, employee of the Remington Arms company, seeing the world crumble into a hellacious war to end all wars. America, watching from the Western Atlantic, would soon be drawn into the barbed wire fields of Europe and Pedersen wanted to contribute to the cause. Doughboys would go to war with a bolt action rifle, the Springfield, a capable and comparable weapon to the Kaisers forces.

Yet Pedersen knew that as machine guns rattled over the trenches, killing in swathes,… Continue

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Off Axis: The MAS-38

The French weapon design ethos has always been an odd one. Some weapons are created with no safeties, others utilize obsolete methods of operation and some are chambered in calibers that no other major nation used at the times. Call it independence or obstinacy, the history of French small arms development is littered with odd choices. And the MAS Model 1938 is another such example.

Created in 1935, officially adopted in 1938 but never widely used during World War II,… Continue

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ZK.383: The 9mm Support Gun

The Czech gun making industry is legendary for quality and reliability.In the late 1930s, Czech weapons designers were working on a weapon that would become just another submachine gun, but before World War II exploded they planned on fielding a 9mm light support weapon in the ZK.383.

Traditionally, armies of the 20th century pursued support weapons that fed by belt or large capacity magazines chambered in a rifle caliber. However, the designers at the famous Brno… Continue

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