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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – November 2011 Archive (5)

Manned Long Lance

During World War II, the Japanese Imperial Navy put to sea with a torpedo, the Type 93 known as the Long Lance, that was both hazardous to handle but extremely effective when put in the water. The nearly three ton torpedo sunk many an allied ship in the Pacific over the course of the war.

By late in the war, the Type 93 was proving its worth, but Japan was failing the…


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When One Man Can Take on a Tank

Light, man portable anti-tank weapons remain a constantly changing, evolving and eagerly sought infantry weapon development. These handheld munitions, used for not only tanks but also lightly armored vehicles as well as structures, are always being refined to squeeze the maximum punch out of a minimal envelope.

World War II saw several anti-tank weapons, but arguably…


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Back to the Future: Illuminating the Target

Today, look at any firearms website or magazine and there are dozens of visible and invisible aiming devices for weapons. From visible flashlights to IR lasers, rifles and pistols have received lavish technological attention in the name accuracy. However, this idea of attaching a light to a weapon is far from new.

Wherever the spot of light was, the bullet would…


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Flame and Soot as Weapon

Foreign object damage is the scourge of aviation. Anything that can foul, collide, obscure or damage an aircraft can potentially bring it down. Whether its a bird strike or a bit of rock thrown up from an airfield into an engine, FOD can cripple or even destroy an aircraft.

During World War II, Germany aviation designers looked to something simple in order to halt the…


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Fed Like a Sausage Maker: Type 11 Machine Gun

Small-arms designers have from day one sought innovative or just plain different ways to create a a light, efficient weapons design. Reliable, a must. Light weight, whenever possible. Interoperability with other weapons systems, the Holy Grail. During World War II, Japanese forces possessed a light machine gun that attempted such a combination, the Type 11.



Added by Jake Holman Jr. on November 2, 2011 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

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