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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – December 2010 Archive (5)

Little Known American Bullpup- The Sieg Rifle

When Coast Guard Gunner's Mate James Sieg started thinking about small-arms, his ideas were definitely ambitious and unconventional. Sieg you see created the American bull-pup rifle that showed promise as a contendor for the U.S. first line rifle post-World War II.

A typical gas operated rifle, with expanding propellant piped off the barrel and against an…


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The Not So Little David Siege Mortar

Japan was on the brink of defeat. Last ditch defenses were being prepared. The Emperor would not let his island nation fall easily. They, the Japanese people, would fight to the last man, woman and child. Facing astounding odds in combat and unprecedented fortification efforts, the United States faced an invasion of Japan with much trepidation.


To break…


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Fokker's World War I Buzzsaw

Modern American jet aircraft and some helicopters have been armed with the ancestor of the Gatling gun. Multiple barrels, spun at high rates of speed allowed the feeding and firing of ammunition at astounding rates. The Vulcan aircraft gun and its siblings fire at 8,000 to 9,000 rounds per minute, and relied not on gas or recoil to operate. The blistering volume of fire has…


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Two Barrels In Battle

If you've seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you've seen the Villar-Perosa submachine gun. When the Jones boys take to the air and inadvertently shoot off the tail of their bi-plane, they do so with a Villar-Perosa submachine gun mounted in the plane.

The two barreled weapon, compact, odd and flimsy looking, was in fact considered one of…


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Little Red Devil

Hand grenades, seen in many a movie with a tough as nails soldier yanking the pin with his teeth, have followed a fairly traditional pattern since they were first hurled on the battlefield centuries ago. In the earliest days, they were detonated by fuses lit by flame. Eventually, mechanical chemical elements took over, enhancing safety and reliability in war.

However, like any piece of military technology somewhere there is a designer who thinks, 'I can make it better and… Continue

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