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Lord_k's Article – March 2013 Archive (8)

Lord K's Garage #177: Austro-Daimler

What about giving some dieselpunk love to a remarkable car make, sadly overshadowed by its German and Italian neighbors?

Austro Daimler ADR 1930 blue radiator badge

The Austro-Daimler Motor Company produced automobiles from 1899 through 1934. Their factory was located in Wiener-Neustadt, which is located south of Vienna, in…


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S.A.M. #81: Your Businesslike Bomber

Given its origin, the Blenheim could be called "fast and spurious". The aircraft was initially envisaged as a luxury transport and wasn't a part of any military programme.

Bristol 142M Blenheim

The often told story of the six-seat executive aircraft built for Lord Rothermere, proprietor of the aviation-supporting Daily Mail, usually misses the vital point. Why did…


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Lord K's Garage #176: Silver Arrows (III)

Another page of the Mercedes-Benz racecar saga: the W154:

Shortly after the first races were held organizers created rules and regulations to create a somewhat level playing field and to keep things relatively safe. In that light the rules setup for Grand Prix racing from 1934 to 1936 made little sense. The main element was a maximum weight of 750 kg, leaving the rest…


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S.A.M. #80: Weird Flying Destroyer

When we say 'weird' we mean it. Definitely.

SE-100 2

With the issue of a specification for a successor to the Potez 631 twin-engined fighter in service with the Armee del'Air, P-E Mercier and Jacques Lecarme of the Societe Nationale de Constructions Aeronautiques de Sud-Est (SNCASE) tendered the design of a highly innovative aircraft, the SE 100…


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Lord K's Garage #175: A Gift for Maestro

Another Bugatti? Well, we just can't have enough. And this one is truly unique.

Most Type 57s feature bodywork penned by Jean Bugatti in one of four distinct styles named after Mont Ventoux, the Col du Galibier and the Stelvio Pass, but this custom coupe took the best traits from each*. It was built by employees at the factory as a gift to Ettore Bugatti and was…


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S.A.M. #79: A Spark of Incredible

The oddest and most unconventional contender - probably for any aerial competition - was the Piaggio-Pegna PC.7.

Piaggio Pegna PC.7

The floatplane (or should we call it a 'foilplane'?) was built for the 1929 Schneider Trophy contest. A cantilever high-wing monoplane with long slender fuselage, it had twin hydrofoils instead of floats and was intended to float with…


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Lord K's Garage #174: Cord. A New Kind of Motoring

By the end of 1920s, front-wheel drive configuration found its way into one of the most ambitious automotive designs ever.

1929 Cord L-29 Cabriolet

The Cord L-29 was revolutionary, using a front-wheel drive system rather than the popular rear-wheel drive configuration. Many believed that having the front wheels be responsible for turning, carrying the…


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Lord K's Garage #173: Immortal Invicta

Another British car make - maybe not so famous, it's not forgotten. Actually, it's alive.

1934 Invicta 4½-Litre S-Type

The Invicta Car Company was a British based automotive manufacturer that produced cars from 1925 through 1950. In the early 2000s, the name was revised and placed on a high-performance sports car. From 1925 to 1933, the company was based in…


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