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Lord_k's Article – April 2013 Archive (6)

S.A.M. #83: Italian Flying Fortress

The Piaggio P.108 was the only four-engine heavy bomber used by the Regia Aeronautica during World War II.

Piaggio P.108

In 1938 the Regia Aeronautica issued a request for proposal for a BGR (Bombardiere a Grande Raggio, long-range bomber); proposals came from Caproni with their Ca.204 and Ca.211 projects, CRDA with…


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Lord K's Garage #181: Silver Fish, Part 4

It's time for the Auto Union Type D racer - the last but not the least in line.

By limiting the maximum weight of Grand Prix cars from the 1934 season onwards to 750 kg, the sport's governing body, the Association Internationale des Automobiles Clubs Reconnus (AIACR), figured the performance of the racing cars would be sufficiently limited. Judging…


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S.A.M. #82: Wings of Passion (III)

This is the last chapter of the Early Lockheed's Saga.

Lockheed Orion

The Lockheed Model 9 Orion was the last of Lockheed's single engine transports, seated six passengers and was powered by a 420hp P&W Wasp engine. The Orion cruised at 180-195 mph and is claimed to be the first transport capable of 200 mph. The Orion was also the first commercial…


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Lord K's Garage #180: Long'n'Low Ruxton

A front-wheel drive posh car in the early 1930s? A few thousand bucks will buy you a Cord... or a Ruxton.

1930 Ruxton Model C Rauch & Lang Phaeton - mascot

The Ruxton is a forgotten manufacturer, often overlooked when considering early pioneers in automotive design and mechanics. One of their biggest automotive achievements was the use of front-drive…


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Lord K's Garage #179: Say Cisitalia!

A bright star of the immediate post-war period, the Cisitalia (pronounced Cheese-Italia) was small, modern and gorgeous.

As a successful businessman and experienced amateur driver, Piero Dusio started Cisitalia, officially known as Consorzio Industriale Sportive Italia*. The company employed a wealth of talent to develop limited production sports cars that…


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Lord K's Garage #178: Lea-Francis

If we're in forgotten car makes already, what about another one?

1930 Lea Francis Special_1.3

Richard Lea and Graham Francis entered into partnership in August 1895 to make advanced and relatively expensive cycles of quality in Lower Ford Street, Coventry, which soon gained a high reputation*. Less successful was their first experiment with cars in…


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