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Lord_k's Article – May 2012 Archive (10)

S.A.M. #47: Macchi Fighting Boats

What's so special about Macchi? Not only their Schneider Trophy fame and world's speed records but also a large family of flying boat fighters and light bombers.

The first successful indigenous type, the Macchi Type L general-purpose flying boat (1915), was a direct copy of a captured…


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Lord K's Garage #140: The Midget

The Garage is proud to present: the MG T-Series!

The MG TA Midget appeared in the spring of 1936 as a replacement for the MG PB. It featured many components borrowed from Morris. Channel sections replaced the tubular cross-members making the vehicles ride more comfortable. The suspension was provided by leaf springs and beam-axle in the front and rear. The brakes…


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Sunday Streamline #65: Seaboard Pacifics

If you think this column has run out of steam locomotives, you're totally wrong.
 We still have got a whole st(r)eamliner fleet at our shed. And today, after four diesels in a row, it's time to pay a tribute to the forgotten Seabord Air Line locos. The railroad's name is deceptive, suggesting aeroplanes, airports, etc. Actually, SAL had (almost) nothing to do with aviation, their name…


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S.A.M. #46: Bristol Racer

This will be a short one. Meet a Bristol monoplane built in 1922 but looking a good ten years "younger".

Wilfrid Thomas Reid designed this ship in 1921, trying to come up with a "Super Racer" to enter into the Aerial Derby of 1922. The aircraft, designated Type 72, proved to be spirally unstable because of oversensitivity of any…


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Lord K's Garage #139: Adler Rennlimousine

The only 1.5-liter Adler to race at LeMans:

The Trumpf Rennlimousine was designed in 1936-1937 by an outstanding German aerodynamics expert Baron Reinhard von Koenig-Fachsenfeld (his other creations, the BMW Wendler Coupe and…


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Sunday Streamline #64: From Hungary With Love

Another European diesel-motor railcar.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Traditionally, the Hungarian State Railway, the MÁV (founded in 1868) purchased almost all of its steam locomotives from its own Machine Factory (MÁVAG). The cars, however, were produced by many private companies. These included such Hungarian firms as Weitzer in Arad (now in Romania, still producing…


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S.A.M. #45: Two Boats

In the future that never was, trans-ocean communications and sea warfare belonged (or should I say "will belong") to giant flying boats.

Here are two examples of these mighty machines, both built by Potez-CAMS, France. In 1933, Potez acquired CAMS (Chantiers Aero-Maritimes de la Seine), a company famous for its flying boats, most notably the versatile Model…


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Lord K's Garage #138: Spirit of Motion

Probably the most striking serial production car of the Diesel Era:
 Meet the
Spirit of Motion by Graham!

Here is its story told by 
Bill Vance @ 
Motoring Memories (May 2005):

Graham-Paige Motors called the styling of its new…


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S.A.M. #44: Westward Bound

The Saturday Air Mail brings you the breaking news - again!

Last week, we talked about the unsuccessful Transatlantic flight attempt of Messrs. Sikorsky and Fonck. Today, quite another story - a story of success.…


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Lord K's Garage #137: The First Ferrari

The Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 was the first car to be fully designed and built by Enzo Ferrari.

In 1938, Ferrari left Alfa Romeo after running Scuderia Ferrari as their racing division. The agreement ending their association forbade Ferrari from restarting Scuderia Ferrari within the next four years. Ferrari then…


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