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Going Underground

Some Diesel Era spirit from the famous Tube. I said 'Tube", not 'YouTube'.

Zero (Hans Schleger) Thanks to the Underground, 1935

London Transport Museum preserves several dozen treasures of graphic design. Vintage posters continue to inspire artists all over the world. Every British poster art exposition is considered a major cultural event, attracting maximum…


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S.A.M. #55: The Pterodactyl

In some alternative world, air wars looked like this:

A painting by Daniel Bechennec (for Fana d'Avation magazine cover, April 2010) depicts the Westland-Hill Pterodactyl fighter accompanying a formation of Heyford bombers. In our timeline, the Handley…


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Lord K's Garage #149: Air-Cooled Luxury

Once again, a car make of old. Franklin, a name associated with aviation and air-cooling.

1931 Franklin Convertible Coupe

Herbert H. Franklin (H. H.)liked to play cards, enjoyed golf, dabbled in painting and photography, and occasionally took trips out of town accompanied by young women. He introduced them as his nieces. For a time,…


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Lord K's Garage #148: When Jawa Met Jaray

A beautiful example of pre-war streamline:

Jawa 700 Coupe Jaray

Meet the Jawa 700 Coupe - a little red wonder from Prague. It was built by Jawa Motors using a standard Model 700 platform and a custom body designed along Jaray principles. Well, Paul Jaray and his legacy are featured in…


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S.A.M. #54: Submarine Scouts

When the radar existed only in science fiction but the aviation was already here, the most common way of spotting a distant target was to send a reconnaissance aircraft based aboard a battleship or a cruiser.

Martin MS-1 Submarine Scout by Weygand

For submarine fleet, spotting and early warning was probably even more vital than for the large surface ships. No…


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Lord K's Garage #147: Economy Class, Soviet Style

Originally intended for mass production, the KIM-10 is an extreme rarity - of 500 built, only half a dozen survived.

1940 KIM-10-50

It was the first Soviet economy class car, a distant cousin of the Volkswagen and Fiat Topolino. Its story is different from the German and Italian "people's cars":…


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S.A.M. #53: Jet Power

Jet aircraft long before the Jet Age? A turbojet? There's no mistake: the Heinkel 178 was successfully flown on the eve of the World War II.

Heinkel He 178 c

This bird has secured itself a place in the aviation Hall of Fame: on 27 August 1939, piloted by Flugkapitän Erich Warsitz, it made…


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Lord K's Garage #146: Step Up With Hupp!

Another all-but-forgotten American car make - the Hupmobile.

Hupmobile, A Fine Car With A Famous Name

Here is its story, brought us by HowStuffWorks:

Robert C. Hupp was an engineer who worked with Ransom Eli Olds and Henry Ford before setting up his own car company in…


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Fourth of July, 1941

Vale, Oregon. Five months and three days before the attack on Pearl Harbor:

Citizens take off their hats during the Pledge of Allegiance radio program.

This picture, made by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration and preserved in the Library of Congress archives, is brought to us by Shorpy. Here's some more, same location, same date, same photographer:…


Added by lord_k on July 4, 2012 at 7:00am — 2 Comments

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