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Lord K's Garage - #52. DUPONT G & H

Today, I am happy to present one the finest and extremely rare American automobiles - duPont.

In 1802 E.I duPont deNemours and Company was formed to produce gunpowder. It was located in Wilmington, Delaware. From there is began producing various industrial and consumer products. In 1919 the duPont car Company was formed by E. Paul duPont. During the First World War it produced marine engines.…


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Lord K's Garage - #51. Kurtis Tommy Lee Special

The 1937 Kurtis Tommy Lee Special was a handbuilt boattail roadster built by Frank Kurtis for Tommy Lee in 1937.

The Cord influenced speedster was based on a 1936 Ford frame and running gear (and retained the classic rear-wheel drive layout - L.K.). Frank used Cord front and rear fenders when he built the car, the rest of the body was hand-formed in aluminum. The… Continue

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Workers' Versailles

What is the architectural icon of Diesel Era? A skyscraper? Yes. Futuristic exhibition pavilions? Yes. But social housing projects are equally important and iconic.

This is Karl Marx-Hof, Vienna - the longest single residential building in the world. Its length is enormous - 1100m (0.68 mile). It was built between 1927 and 1930 by city planner… Continue

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Lord K's Garage - #50. Buick Y-Job

I wanted to show something very special in the Garage Jubilee Issue - and here it is:

Built in 1938, this unique car is one of the most important Diesel Era icons - and a perfect example of influential design. We can trace the the development of Y-Job ideas in the shape of GM cars and their competitors (most notably 1942 DeSoto).

Created by General Motors Styling…


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Empire Terminal

I'm sure many of those who browsed through the Art Deco Elements album* were fascinated by this statue**:

It decorates the entrance to the National Audit Office, Buckingham Palace Rd., London.

Of course the winged persons holding an arrowhead-shaped device are not auditors. But who are they?

These Dieselpunk…


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The Colossus

Of course it was mentioned in my "Super Heavies" post, but this incredible machine fully deserves a special place of its own.

The Großkampfwagen or "K-Wagen" (short for G.K.-Wagen) was a German super-heavy tank, two prototypes of which were almost completed by the end of World War I.…


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Steam Subs

"The most fatal error imaginable would be to put steam engines in a submarine."

It is not a piece of anti-steampunk hate speech but an opinion of John Arbuthnot Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher of Kilverstone, former First Sea Lord, expressed as early as in 1913. Of course Admiral Lord Fisher had his own follies that, together with hot… Continue

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Knights of the Air: Francesco Baracca

Francesco Baracca (1888-1918) was Italy's leading fighter pilot during World War One.

Baracca, who was born on 9 May 1888 in Lugo di Romagna, entered the Scuola Militare at Modena in October 1907. Within the space of a year he had reached officer rank within the Royal Piedmont Cavalry.

April 1912 saw Baracca… Continue

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Lord K's Garage - #49. Triumph Free Flow

Today, a rare bird from the British Isles:

Unique and rarely exposed 1938 Triumph Vitesse with a Free Flow Salon body designed by Walter Belgrove (chief stylist and body engineer at Standard Triumph).…

woodcote 014


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Deco on the High Seas

In my eyes, S.S. Île de France was the most significant passenger ship of the Roaring Twenties. She had the style.

Here is an excellent article by Daniel Othfors published @ The Great Ocean Liners website:…


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Machines in the Palace

I've already posted some pictures made in the Technical Museum (Vienna, Austria).

But the exposition is not restricted to the automotive items - there are much more and I hope they are worth a look. The museum, established in 1909 and opened in 1918…


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