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The Ship Beautiful

Perhaps no other ship in the history of the Cunard Line was so revered as was the RMS Aquitania*.

With a long and illustrious career – spanning the two World Wars – Aquitania was the longest serving ship in the Cunard fleet and was a favorite among transatlantic passengers. Her exquisite and tastefully executed interiors earned Aquitania the title… Continue

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Lord K's Garage - #58. Prototypes for the People

Volkswagen, the People's Car, needs no introduction. Let us see where it comes from.

VW is the brainchild of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. It is often dubbed "Hitler's little car". Well, the Fuhrer's part in creation of this vehicle cannot be denied, but in some sources it is exaggerated. For example, this sketch is attributed to Hitler:…


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Knights of the Air: Sikorsky Superbomber

Today, the first dedicated multi-engine bomber of the Great War:

The Ilya Muromets (Sikorsky S-22) was designed and constructed by Igor Sikorsky at the Russo-Baltic Railcar Factory (RBVZ) in Riga in 1913. It was based on his earlier S-21 Le Grand Baltique (later renamed Russky Vityaz i.e.… Continue

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Soda Siphons

There is something irrational in the way my memory works.

Yesterday, it brought me to siphon bottles. First, to the 1930s advertisements (seen decades ago in The Sphere magazine and unavailable on the Web, alas): "Painting... By Gainsborough. Cabinet... By Chippendale. Statue... By Canova. Siphon... By Schweppes!". And then - to a real siphon bottle that looked exactly like this:…


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He was the counterpoint of The Gibson Girl and one of the most successful advertising images in history, an image that turned Arrow into the largest collar/shirt brand in America.

The Arrow Collar Man was the name given to the various male models who appeared in advertisements for shirts and detachable shirt collars manufactured by Cluett Peabody & Company of Troy,… Continue

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Sunday Streamline #3: Rexall Train

Another New York Central streamlined locomotive looked almost identical to the iconic Commodore Vanderbilt.

Rexall train 1936 (thelastgoddess.com)

But it was not built for regular passenger service.…


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Lord K's Garage - #57. Swiss Bentleys

There was a time when "luxury car" meant chassis + separately ordered body.

Small coachbuilders did their best to satisfy wealthy clients. Among those coachbuilders, the Swiss never were the big stars. But they always were reliable and creative, building excellent bodies for cars as diverse as Packard and Duesenberg, Aston Martin and Jaguar, Porsche and Alfa Romeo, Talbot-Lago and Bugatti, Alvis and Riley.…


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