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Late Soviet Dieselpunk: MAZ-541

That powerful machine above is probably the largest sedan ever made - it is the first Soviet purpose-built airplane tractor, MAZ-541. Powered by a 38.88 liters, 12-cylinder 300hp D-12A diesel engine (a variation of V-2, heart of mighty T-34 tank) - and was able to tow up to 85 tons (notice that IL-62 on the picture above weighs more then 100 tons). Production started in 1956.…


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Pyotr Shilovsky's Gyrocar


Pyotr Petrovich Shilovsky was an outstanding… Continue

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Soviet R-1 airplane

I just find a very stylish photo of wide used soviet biplane R-1, copy of Airco DH.9A, from 19th Separate Aviation Group (if i translated 19-й Отдельный Авиационный Отряд correctly) taken in 1929 during the Soviet-Chinese conflict. It has most impressive inscription i ever seen: "HH'Аа!" with its emotions can be translated only as "GG'etsome!" (which reminds me about Duke Nukem).…


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Time for some dieselpunk poetry

Just a small poem about pirate sub on russian.

Холодный ветер, безмятежность льдин,

Луны незаживающая рана

И бронзовые иглы субмарин

Ласкают черный бархат океана.

Оставив за спиной тяжелый джин,

Холодный джаз, отчаянье глухое

В безмолвных измерениях глубин

Скользят сквозь тьму злодеи и герои

Идет игра; они напряжены,

Они - художники и ювелиры,

И разрывает кокон тишины

Удар торпеды, как укол рапиры.

"Вперед!" Горят глаза… Continue

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Dieselpunk. Early years photo.

It's rather difficult to define time borders of steam- and dieselpunk. I think that the demarcation line between them is the First World War - the war that really ended XIX century, ruined great empires and completely changed the face of Europe. And what can you name border between them?

Ah, i forget. Photo.

It is british Mk.V tank in front of Flatiron… Continue

Added by Павел Скрыльников on August 10, 2010 at 7:00am — 5 Comments

US pilots WWII uniform

I think there is something... unhuman in it.

Added by Павел Скрыльников on August 5, 2010 at 6:05pm — 5 Comments

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