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Another Classic British Marque - HRG


 My first automobile was a 1947 MG-TC Midget Roadster. The 1947 had skinny 19" wire wheels and my dad called it,"a coffin on four harps." It had sweeping mudguards with "top of the wing" mounted trafficators and Lucas headlamps mounted between the wings and the bonnet. It was British…


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The Egg with a Classy Chassis

Picture us in 1934 on the streets of St.Louis, Missouri. The most noticeable automobiles are works of art with massive pointy grills and huge engine compartments. The headlights are mounted between the radiator grille and the sweeping fenders. The most advanced design seems to be the 1934 Ford with a 60hp V8.

Suddenly we spot a bold breakthrough in design. It is our…


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Radiola, the Box that Glowed

Before we could have wireless sets in the home, we first had to have a broadcasting station to listen to. Most radio historians assert that radio broadcasting began in 1920 with the historic broadcast of KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  Few people actually heard the voices and music which were produced because of the lack of wireless receivers at that time.…


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Purambulator of Death - 1915

The Lebedenko Netopyr (Нетопырь, bat) Tzar Tank (1915)

Throughout the history of armor one lesson was learned early on: it is easier to hold the line than to attack. A defensive position always has an advantage over an offensive one. An attacking side needs protection. There were armored vehicles invented for that purpose, but they were useless on bad roads…


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Pilot's Lounge, 1950


A group of the usual US Air Force pilots are at a table near the bar. One of them sits at the old upright piano and starts up a favorite drinking song:



"No! Don’t give me…


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Metamorphosis - From Moth to Dragon

It started as a moth and evolved into a dragon.

Under the steady guidance over four decades, pioneer Geoffrey de Havilland, designed and crafted sturdy and reliable aircraft that changed…


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Stored in an Old Brownie Camera 1941

I received a startling email this morning from Noella1B@aol.com. My first thought was to post it as a photo album, but it tells such…


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A Flight of Silver Arrows

At the start of 1933, Grand Prix racing was dominated by French and Italian marques. Nothing could win against Bugatti, Alpha Romero and Maserati. Adolph Hitler had just risen to the position Chancellor of Germany, and one of his first directives was that the Germans should dominate world auto racing. To be beaten by the French was intolerable to the German…


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