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10 Steps To Make Your Own Dr. Steel Mind Control Cookies

Dr. Steel and his Army of Toy Soldiers march forth to extinguish fear from the minds of the people and to instill inspiration and creativity into the lives of each and every one of us.

If you would like to spread the good Doctor's message to your friends, family, and local government officials, say it with cookies.

Step 1

Click on the image below and download it to your computer. It's pretty big, so give it a second or two to load.

Step 2

Print the box design in color onto a really thick piece of paper.

I didn't have any thick paper laying around the house when I made these originally, so I used regular paper. Once printed, I used spray glue to stick it onto a thick manilla folder. If you go this route, be careful the ink doesn't smear due to the glue.

Step 3

Laminate the whole thing with a laminating machine, or cover the image with stick-on laminate paper (bought at your local superstore).

Like most people, I don't have a laminating machine laying around, but I can confirm that the laminate paper works really well.

Step 4

Using a sharp exacto blade or a sharp pair of scissors, cut out the box design. I recommend using a new blade and a metal ruler to keep the lines nice and straight.

Step 5

Softly score the fold lines on the unprinted side with the reverse side of the blade. This will keep your folds crisp, especially with the thickness of the laminate. Keep checking your work, as you'll want score lines on every fold.

Step 6

Fold the box together.

The bottom of the box should have two small flaps that fold in and two long flaps that cover those. The top folds over and has a little lip that you tuck into the box to close it.

Step 7

Now that you know what the box is supposed to look like, use double-sided tape or really strong glue-dots to hold the flaps together. Just don't glue the top closed or your victi... er... friends won't be able to reach the cookies.

Step 8

Grab six of your favorite cookies, shove them into a plastic bag, and insert them into the shiny new box you just constructed.

Step 9

Distribute the Dr. Steel mind control cookies to everyone you know.

Step 10

Laugh maniacally.

If you have photos of you and your new MIND CONTROL COOKIES, post them to Dieselpunks.org for everyone to see!

Special thanks to the Toy Soldiers for all their help!

Check out ToySoldiersUnite.com for more fun Dr. Steel projects.

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Comment by Jonny B. Goode on April 23, 2010 at 7:27pm
Mmmm! Tasty brainwashy goodness!

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