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In June 2015, the huge restoration project of the Villa Cavrois, a true French Art Deco architectural treasure listed as a historic monument in 1990 thank to citizen mobilisation and acquired by the State in 2001, has finally been completed.

The Villa Cavrois, located near Lille in the Northern part of France, is the most emblematic achievement of the Art Deco era most iconic French architect, Robert Mallet-Stevens.

A total work of art by Mallet-Stevens who designed everything in it, from the building concept to the door knobs, from the furniture to the light switches...

... the Villa Cavrois is also an exemplary restoration with its 830 square meters of terraces and its 72 m long water mirror.

The official website of the Villa Cavrois offers many pictures much more beautiful than mine, videos and an extensive history of the Villa, as well as each and every detail about Mallet-Stevens' original project and the restoration of the Villa...


,,, however, I can't resist adding this photo of the incredible bathroom, although it only does justice to... a third of its surface!

Located in a somehow strategic place, easily reachable from Paris but also from London, Germany or The Netherlands as well, this unique modern chateau the Villa Cavrois is, is certainly worthy of the visit of any Art Deco architecture lover.


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