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A very busy Autumn... SE Polish Conventions

I've never thought that Autumn, when the university academic year is merely starting, can be so busy. I haven't got time to check this site for months.

On Tuesday, I'm suppoused to hand in the first chapter of my MA thesis. So little time! Keep your fingers crossed!

Since the beginning od September, we've already had three different conventions in this part of Poland. Katharsis in Puławy was on the weekend of 19-20 September; I couldn't attend that one, as I was on my cousin's wedding, so I don't know much about it. However, Since then I've attended two other conventions I'd like to mention.

First of all, Nawikon in Rzeszów (9-11 November). I've always heard what a great event that was, and I was very eager to go this year. However, I was very disappointed. A very small amount of people, organizational chaos, long distances to shops / pubs - it all added to my negative feelings. There were a few discussions / lectures planned which I found interesting, but those were all either cancelled or awfully prepared. Constant shifts in the timetable were really irritating. General boredom was killing me. I feel that I've wasted too much money on this convention, and I've found only one good thing in all this, namely meeting a few friends (not so many of them, though - as I've mentioned before, the amount of people was so low it was disturbing).

Then, Mantikora in Lubartów (23-25 November). Contrary to the previous one, I've always heard that it was a small, local and not very interesting convention. I had visited Mantikora last year and had lots of fun, so I attended again this year. Well, again - it was rather small, but very friendly and lively. As last year, people who had their share in the timetable could count on some special priviledges - not only free tickets, but also some other treats. The conventions was suppoused to be mafia-style, so there were lots of dressed-up people, shooting each other with toy guns. Along with my friends from the Grimuar Club (Lublin) we put up some smaller events for other people to have fun (e.g. a cassino with poker & blackjack). I also had a short lecture about the romantic fantasy genre, as well as a LARP discussion panel (along with my partner) - sadly, only several people attended the latter, but we had some fun anyways. Sadly, the convention was so lively, that on Saturday evening I was already so tired I had to go back to Lublin. But I had a great time.

Now I'm waiting for the big convention in Lublin - Falkon. It's the tenth edition already, Tim Burton style - some high hopes here. I volunteered for a lecture and a LARP, I'm waiting for some response on that. And a week later (again, along with my partner) we're preparing a theme LARP - it's our first scenario, and we cannot wait to see how it comes out.

Back to MA. God, I hate phonology.

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