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And the Orchestra Played On. As an Accidental Synchronicity Experiment.


RPM Orchestra held a live performance on May 27th, memorializing The Great War and its passing from living memory into the pages of history with the recent death of Claude Choules, last surviving WWI combat veteran.

The performance included a video montage projected behind the orchestra. Add to that, "and did I mention the double-exposure montage was slapped together a few scant hours before the show, so nobody else in the orchestra had actually seen it in advance?" -- and the next thing you know, synchronicity runs rampant on stage and screen.


Notes on musical instrumentation:

Dan Montes' theremin is home-built.

The "metallics" I use is the Oster Stim-U-Lax Vibrating Hand Massager (early 1940s model, much like the one pictured), seen in barber shops of that era...

 ...played against the metal casing of a now-defunct new-fangled computer that lasted some five years. Did I mention that my massager is about seventy years old?

Jim Dustan and Jocelyn Ruiz Dustan, using more traditional instrumentation, faithfully deconstruct the WWI-era song Over There in the first portion of the performance. 


"And the Orchestra Played On. As an Accidental Synchronicity Experiment."

 Or somesuch nonsense.



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