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Allied airmen had to face every manner of threat when penetrating the skies over the Reich. From Focke Wulf fighters to deadly German "88s" the air over Europe was filled with threats a plenty. But as the Reich crumbled and the Allied moved deeper in the lands of Germany, a series of last ditch weapons were fielded, including the Hs 297 Fohn.

As low tech a weapon as there was, the Fohn was a five layered metal rack that held German 7.29cm rockets. These rockets were loaded, 35 total, as a group and fired as a group as well. Volley fire of the small, high velocity unguided rockets was designed to take out an aircraft with a wall of aggression.

The launcher was a simple affair, traversing 360 degrees towards airborne threats. The operator would stand to the left of the rack, launching a mass of rockets or single munitions. It was reloaded by pivoting the rack vertical and the replacement rockets were slid into the base of the assembly.

Reaching out to just over a kilometer, the Fohn was a close in defense of strategic fixed targets like bridges or airfields. Only about 50 were ever produced and fewer still fielded. Interestingly, the name Fohn, means ''hair dryer." A volley of these rockets speeding upwards is more hair raising than anything.

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Comment by Dan G. on January 24, 2013 at 12:32pm

Didn't seem to get much time to complete even the field tests on this thing, Cap'n Tony. = "used for the first time on 2 March 1945 against Allied Fighter-bombers".-(wiki)  Still, for a Quick& Dirty solution to a problem I could sure see the potential of this thing! I know I sure wouldn't care to fly a bomber into a swarm of 35 rockets. Especially if there were a number of these "Beer Crates" stashed in and around my target. Looks like yet another fine example of the Allies knocking out the Axis just as things might have been getting a bit more than just . . . "Verrrry Interesting!"  LOL

THANKS, Jake, for Another Great Article!!!

Comment by Cap'n Tony on January 23, 2013 at 9:59pm

I'm assuming by context these weren't very effective?

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