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Cap'n's Cabaret #86: Farther, Faster, Higher!!

Around the World in Eight Days!  Move over, Magellen, and rethink the future, Verne, 'cause here comes Wiley Post!

Circumnavigating the globe was once the stuff of fantasy, then the stuff of years, and then the stuff of weeks.  Our old friend Hugo Eckner managed to circumnavigate the globe in less than a month in his fabulous Zeppelins, and, hey, we were impressed!  [image from tulsapost.com]

But all of that pales in comparison to our friend Wiley Post, the patch-eyed rake of the skies who has flown faster, farther, and higher than any human who ever lived.  Whether he's circling the top of the world, across the frozen expanses of Siberia, blazing across the sky at hundreds of miles per hour, or scraping the very edge of space itself, Wiley Post is stretching the bounds of human reach!  [image from wileypostairport.com]

Will he fly to the moon next?  Don't doubt it.  Wiley truly is that man from the Saturday morning serials. 

Another air mail pilot turned barnstormer turned record-setter, Wiley Post is stealing the records and the headlines every day.  And when he's not breaking a record he's often found in the company of his friend and fellow Oklahoman, the great American cowboy-philosopher Will Rogers!  The Barnstormer and the Cowboy...it's practically a Matinee Serial made real!

So needless to say as the Cabaret tracked down Wiley on his latest prospecting hop up through the Alaskan bush, we were pleased to find Will Rogers along for the ride!  The ever-gracious Rogers is even taking the time to give us a small sample of the fabulous lasso-work and frontier wit and charm that has made him the great American philosopher and champion of the American Dream. [no sound, unfortunately]


Today he also has some kind words to say to our good friends in the banking community.


 We wish Mr. Post & Mr. Rogers the best on their exciting Alaskan journey in the Orion Explorer, and look forward to the tales these two great American adventurers will have for us upon their return!


And while I may not have quite the speed and daring of Mr. Post nor the wit and charm of Mr. Rogers, I do have to admit I mix a good drink.  So, as we celebrate the return of the cocktail while morning the loss of our fortunes, here's Mr. Boon's great Million Dollar Cocktail:


Million Dollar Cocktail:

[image from cocktailsdrinksrecipies.com]

  • 1 oz Gin
  • 1 tsp Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 tsp Dry Vermouth
  • 1/2 cup Pinapple Juice
  • Dash of Egg White
  • Dash of Angostura Bitters

 Shake all vigorously over ice to froth egg white.  Strain into a Highball glass.


"Why don’t they pass a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as good as Prohibition did, in five years we will have the smartest people on earth." - Will Rogers




Cap'n's Note:

In 1935 on this Alaskan trip, Wiley Post's patchwork aircraft crashed on takeoff one morning killing both Post and Rogers.  While Will Rogers is well remembered even today, Wiley Post, once an aviation legend who rivalled Lindbergh and Earhart for the international aviation spotlight, is largely unknown outside of the Aviation community and enthusiast community.

I consider this as grave of a tragedy as his death.  Perhaps this post will help remind everyone about this real-life pulp action hero.


It's worth noting as well that much of Will Roger's commentary strikes as much of a chord today as it did back in the 1930s and could just as easily have come from Jon Stewart as from Will Rogers.  Another great American Quotesmith, Mark Twain, once said "History doesn't repeat itself, it rhymes."


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