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Kick up your heels, it's time to Shag!

It's the Shag, the latest dance craze to sweep the land!

It's a high-kciking, high energy dance perfect for this new "Swing" sound coming out of St. Louis, and it's changing the whole dance scene.

Where it comes from nobody knows for sure.  Some say Jersey, others Carolina.  There's a Carolina Shag and a St. Louis Shag, but tonight it's the Collegiate Shag, aka the Double Shag, since twice is always better than once!

Hop up and let's Shag!

Step to the left, hop on the left.

Step to the right, hop to the right.

Shuffle-step left, shuffle-step right.

Slow-slow, quick-quick!

Got that down? Take a dip, take a spin, Camel Kick, turn a shag, Texas Tommy...easy as pie!


Exciting, no?

And after that workout, you'll definately need some cool refreshment.  I suggest a refreshing Planter's Punch, icy, fizzy, and refreshing:


Planter's Punch Cocktail:

[image from Esquire.com]

  • 2 oz Dark Rum
  • 1/4 oz Grenadine
  • Equal parts Sours and either Pineapple or Orange Juice
  • Club Soda (Optional)

 Shake Rum, Grenadine, and Juice/Sours mix over ice and strain into an ice-fileld Highball glass.  Top with Soda (optional).  Garnish with citrus slices and a maraschino cherry.


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