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Conservative Rant in a Dieselpunk Society (Excerpt from upcoming Drunk on Diesel story)

Hello all, this is a small text I did for my upcoming dieselpunk story named Drunk on Diesel

If you haven't heard about it and would like to read a prologue, you can do so for free here.

Enjoy this conservative rant in my imaginary world, and please do share your feedback. It is very important!


I was about to reach the corner that would lead me to my place when I saw a crowd near the usual newstand. There were angry whispers and heated discussions around it. I pushed in for a closer look.


Article writen by Timothy Mcane, Trepid Torque News

September 8th 1957

Electricity! The great gift of the twentieth century. It has heated our homes. It has fed our children. It has moved our industry. It has lit our streets out of darkness!
And now, elements of our society have blended this powerful force with our honored musical traditions. However, in this process, some of them decided not to pay any tribute to the established sounds of the past, by completely changing and inventing new sounds instead!
Children! If you wish to experiment, help the army instead! If you twirl with energy and inventiveness, help us destroy our nazi enemies rather than turning yourselves into enemies of our culture and tradition.
Do not trust on your failed argument that you deserve your freedom if we have the choice to look away. How can we look away, when you have become a constant presence in our everyday lives? Do you think we do not notice your noise in your "decoteques", as you call them, listening to your perverted electric music, moving around to the sounds in extravagant and crazy ways, without any proper posture, in what can hardly be considered a form of dance?
Do you think we do not see your raves and festivals, your illicit substances and your dubious foreign friends? Sometime must certainly be spared for culture activities, but they must focus on quality rather than quantity!

I leave this letter with faith and hope. Faith that you will come to reach the same conclusions as I. Hope that you will then act accordingly.

Good day and God Bless America!

The crowd was starting to take the article a bit too strongly. I had to get out of there before the riot started running. Among all the formal insults being thrown from one side to the other, one thing was for sure: the conservative movement had seen better days and greater popular support.


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Comment by Cap'n Tony on September 28, 2010 at 9:38pm
Damn kids and their music!

Great stuff, Hayden, keep it coming!
Comment by lord_k on September 28, 2010 at 3:45pm
Well, when the book was out of print it "made waves" as I use to say. Synopsis has been published here and there.
Comment by Hayen Mill on September 28, 2010 at 12:23pm
Awesome history lord_k. Where did you saw it?
Comment by Larry on September 28, 2010 at 11:47am
Very creative and well written. I look forward to the story.
Comment by lord_k on September 27, 2010 at 6:30pm
What a fine tour de force!
Maybe it can seem interesting or at least amusing: about two years ago a novel was published in Russia, called The Skirt. In short, it's about a group of young Germans who work for Foreign Ministry and in their spare time start to experiment with amplifiers and electric musical instruments. It's just for fun - but then they gain some attention from influential Leni Riefenstahl who discovers the vast psychological potential of the new music. The year is 1938, btw. However, all the plans to put electric music at the Reichspropaganda service are canceled with the beginning of WWII. After the war, these plans are discovered by the US special services who bring the idea to the other side of the pond. And the rest is history... By the way, skirt is "Rock" in German.

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