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Modern cruise ships are incredibly large, luxurious and comfortable, but charm is not their strong side. Interwar era liners are charming. Here's a short review. Let us begin with the German advertisement for the Norddeutscher Lloyd (c. 1930):

In the middle there is S.S. Columbus, originally named Hindenburg. Launched in 1914, she made her maiden voyage only in 1924:

Her sister ship was ceded to to Great Britain in 1919 as part of German war reparations and served with White Star Line as S.S. Homeric.

Homeric 1st Class dining room. Btw, the ship was scrapped only in 1936

The Germans also had to cede its largest and most technologically advanced liners to the Allies. But soon they regained leading positions in the maritime world - with the new Europa and Bremen transatlantic liners which earned the Blue Riband for the fastest Atlantic crossing westbound and eastbound, respectively:

S.S. Europa
S.S. Bremen

The British Cunard and White Star were the most powerful Transatlantic carriers, possessing a vast array of pre-war built beauties like Aquitania and Olympic, ex-German Berengaria and Majestic (the largest merchant in the world), and a lot of more modest ships like Lancastria:

Other British companies also ordered a lot of smaller liners after the Great War. Including the last four-stackers of the Windsor Castle class:

In the Pacific, Japanese not only built their naval strength but also added scores of new vessels to their merchant fleet:

Asama Maru in Honolulu

Another major carrier was Canadian Pacific, very active in the Atlantic:

Empress of Britain

The French Line made a sensation in 1927 with the trend-setting Ile de France:

Then came two series of midsize liners like de Grasse and Champlain and in the 30s - a creature of unsurpassed beauty, the Normandie:

An engineering masterpiece, it had a unique dining room dubbed 'Hall of Light'

Italians built two large transatlantics, Rex and Conte di Savoia. The first of them won the Blue Riband in 1933:

The Dutch Holland-America Linie joined the big players in 1929 with the Statendam and in the thirties - with the Nieuw Amsterdam:

And what about the Americans? Well, they had ex-German Leviathan, built a lot of midsize liners and finally joined the Grandeur Club with the America:

There's more in the album (at least, all the liners mentioned above are there). Enjoy the slideshow:
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