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Inspired by Lord K's post on the Oregon capital building I thought I would post about my single favorite piece of architecture Einstein Tower, and it's architect Erich Mendelsohn.

Einstein Tower was designed by architect Erich Mendelsohn (21 March 1887 – 15 September 1953), and constructed between 1919-1921 in Potsdam Germany. What's makes this building especially interesting is that sketches of it's initial design date as far back as 1912.

Jonathan Meade in his documentary "Unholy Relics" which you can watch in it's entirety below, states that Einstein Tower exists "without precedence" possessing a design that draws almost no external influence from any preexisting structure. Both students of architecture and laymen alike all agree that this building was decades ahead of it's time.

Mendelsohn, who was Jewish fled Germany to the United Kingdom in 1933. His building stands a both a marvel of architecture, and a sad testament of destroyed potential brought about by the rise Nazism, and antisemitism.

More on Erich Mendelsohn and Einstein tower.

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Comment by lord_k on August 1, 2010 at 2:19am
Of all Interbellum German architects Mendelsohn is my favorite.
Great video.
Thanks, Scott.
Comment by Larry on July 31, 2010 at 2:42pm
That video was powerful and very well made.

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