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Flying men make a comeback in John Picha's "Skyracos: The Mining Mess"

Our friend John Picha, the driving force behind our recent Dieselpunk ePulp anthology, has certainly been busy this year.

But before we go into detail about his latest work, I want to say a few things about the man behind the fedora. You should know that John is a fierce supporter of DIY publishing. His work within our community has helped blaze a trail for those who were either too unsure about the eBook process to try it, or were simply too scared to take the plunge by themselves. He's been a leader in our e-Publishing circle, and along with fellow authors like David Mark Brown, Bard Constantine, Grant Gardiner, and Jack Philpott, he has really opened new avenues of creativity that were previously unknown to dieselpunks.

I support what John and these authors are doing, and I think you should as well. Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

The Skyracos ePulp has Arrived!

Cover of Skyracos: The Mining MessHave you dreamt of visiting alien worlds? Ever wished you could zip through space via jet pack? What if you could defy gravity and freely explore unknown realms? Imagine being a space adventurer, paid to meet and greet alien cultures, while representing and protecting all of humanid-kind. You'd live to tell tales of glory. You'd be the stuff of legends. Sounds like a dream job, right? Well, no job is perfect, and there is a high price for this fantasy. That's reality for a Skyraco.

In "Skyracos: The Mining Mess", recent recruit Chip Daniels wants to be a hero, but gets more than he bargained for once encased in his streamlined flight-suit. Chip and the rest of Unit 9901 are ordered to investigate the outbreak of a mysterious plague in an isolated mining colony. What starts out as a game quickly unravels into a life or death crisis. Notions of good and evil spin into a nightmare of moral ambiguity, which challenges Chip's definition of heroics.

"Skyracos: The Mining Mess" is a retro sci-fi ePulp adventure tale of flying men forged from the same mettle as Flash Gordon, John Carter and the Rocketeer.

Download your copy before it's too late!


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Comment by Stuart on April 26, 2013 at 5:27am

Sounds good. I'm looking forward to reading it. =)

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