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INTERVIEW - Doctor Steel, future world emperor

Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel
Inventor, visionary, entertainer and future Emperor of the world.

Dr. Steel is a man of many talents with one simple goal. To make the world a better place. Through entertainment, vision and passion, Dr. Steel feeds the hungry masses who starve for happiness.

"It all comes down to having fun. We spend our lives trapped, when all we really want to do is play. So, let the people play! Let us build a Utopian Playland."

With these inspired words, Dr. Steel launched a campaign to take over the world. Spreading his message through music, live shows, interactive websites, and a regular viral video series, The Dr. Steel Show, the man behind the maniac took some time to help a humble toy soldier build his better tomorrow.

With Dieselpunks.org celebrating its first week on the airwaves, we had a chance to ask the good doctor a few questions about the future of Earth.

As a future world emperor, you must have a to-do list that stretches into four dimensions. What's the current project on the work table and when can we expect to see it walking around?

Indeed, stack of notebooks line my wall filled with many, many ideas simply waiting to become reality. It is an exciting time at the moment. There is a great deal of potential floating about the universe, with an immense amount of creative enthusiasm igniting on a daily basis from my ever growing Army of Toy Soldiers. The Toy Soldiers have hit the ground running with great enthusiasm and they continue to spread the word of creativity to one and all. It is very inspiring to see so many brilliant minds blossoming with vision and imagination. Together we all work to make the world a better place, namely a place where our powers of creativity are utilized to their fullest potential.

I'm also hoping to get this blasted robot band working again... the last few exploded before they boarded the tour bus.

Dr. Steel photoWill it be followed by any more live engagements?

I am always interested in bringing the musical side of my madness to the masses. At the moment I am focusing on a variety of ways to brainwash the populace, but please know that audio experimentation is actively bubbling in my laboratory. My main concern is ever expanding my scope of creativity in ways that will continually be exciting and inspiring. I am not interested in doing the same thing again and again, so I am working ever diligently to expand these scopes of possibilities in a myriad of ways as to manifest new and different creations for the future.

I see that YouTube has finally received your broadcasts of The Dr. Steel Show. Can your loyal followers tune in to Dr. Steel with any other technology (e.g. websites, Facebook, Hulu, Twitter, etc.)?

Ah yes, I am utilizing a wide variety of digital media at the moment and continue to push ever forward into the internet. I look forward to establishing a completely AI version of myself as to handle the bulk of social networking websites, though at the moment all communication responsibilities belong to me. I am certain that once nanotechnology takes hold, the reverse engineering of my brain will allow for far more immersive and expedient online experiences for one and all.

Any chance we'll see you on the TV again anytime soon?

This is indeed one of the many goals I am currently working to achieve. Television is a fantastic source of mass brainwashing and I look forward to utilizing it in the most powerful way... as well as providing a great deal of entertaining programming. Likewise, the freedom of internet broadcasting is also brilliant, and perhaps more importantly, extremely viral. I am intrigued and delighted by all forms of media and aim to utilize them all... for the purposes of world domination, of course.

Dr. Steel photoI think that the rise of the Terminator franchise and its predecessors have given robots a bad name. We all know that robots are too clunky and short-sighted to take over the world without a human leader. How do you feel about this? Have you seen any competition pop up recently that caused you to take notice? I have seen some airship pirates floating around in your area.

Yes, robots have been given a rather bad name. I believe that it is the short sighted humans rather than the robots themselves who have perpetuated this myth of a violent and horrible robotic take-over. Don't get me wrong, I do anticipate giant robot attacks on skyscrapers in the future, but I look to such an event as a necessary demolition aspect of the much needed environmental re-design. Electronic life is the way forward and we must embrace our tremendous need to evolve beyond our biological limitations.

Likewise, I look forward to a new aesthetic emerging in our daily lives. My vision of a Utopian Playland as a world make-over places a great deal of importance on pleasing aesthetics, for I believe that we are products of our environment. To this end, such airships and fantastic designs of the past may be revisited in the world of tomorrow.

Being a mad scientist, your biggest threat probably comes from a van full of pesky teenagers and a talking dog, not robots. God knows I've had to clean my fair share of orange ascots from my lair's air-duct traps twice this month. Sexy nurses are great and all, but what have you done to increase the overall security around your secret lair?

Security is an important issue, but if we have learned anything from the governments of this world, we recognize that misinformation and reality engineering is the best way to protect one's self... not to mention building a phenomenally huge army. I focus on both of these aspects more than physical weaponry, though the aforementioned giant robots will also be very important.

Speaking of security, how do you feel about the new president? Has the Obama administration opened new doors for your world domination plans?

I feel that Mr. Obama is a fine actor, and a far more talented performer than the previous lackluster mouthpiece. As for potential opportunities resulting from this particular casting, I see very few new possibilities emerging directly from this new packaging of America. The elite few who have run this planet for thousands of years seek not to provide a great amount of change accept where it benefits their position of control.

However, I do see a great deal of people identifying new doorways emerging through the recognition of their own creative powers. Once mass freedom of imagination emerges, the position of government (among many other facets of society) will be drastically redesigned as to accelerate humanity's power of creative evolution. The perceived need for government will give way to the single most powerful force in the universe: creativity.

If TV has taught me anything, you surely realize that taking America by force will probably come down to a bare-chested knuckle duel between yourself and the Barack-star in some sort of smoky colosseum buried under the Washington Monument. What kind of training have you gone through to prepare yourself for that day?

I am certain that such a spectacle would sell a tremendous amount of tickets and provide unrivaled advertising opportunities. As for training, I will continue to take my nano-vitamins, bench press spare engine casings on a regular basis and keep my giant Ronald McRay Gun loaded.

Dr. Steel photo

What can we do to prepare for your imminent victory?

Do feel free to enlist in my Army of Toy Soldiers. You may do so by visiting www.doctorsteel.com, a location where you may also explore my special brand of madness through the digital labyrinth contained therein.

Additional instructions will be beamed directly to your brain upon further advancements of my plans.

Any final thoughts before we sign off for today?

Yes... I think I shall add more sprinkles to the cupcakes I just baked.

Help Dr. Steel take over the world! Buy the Dr. Steel audio experiments today!

Dr. Steel
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