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Toys? State-of-art models? No, real red doubledeckers under one roof with the green ones, as well as trams, trolleybuses, taxicabs and subway trains.

London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is a proud owner of great vehicles and also possesses a vast image archive, available online.
Let us see some pictures from the interwar era:

Austin Taxicab

Tube Station entrance

Aldwich Tube Station, 1927

Dover Street station (now Green Park)

Piccadilly Line experimental subway car, 1923

Subway train, Hammersmith Station, 1935

London trolleybus, 1930

AEC X-1 experimental tram, 1933

Inside an E-class serial-production tram

Harrow bus stop

LT six-wheeler bus chassis

LT bus

Single- and doubledecker six-wheelers

Cabin-over-engine STL doubledecker
(STL stands for a weird 'Short Type, Lengthened' designation)

AEC Q-type bus, 1932

TF series bus

TF3 bus, LTM collection

1939 RT bus

Color photographs: lord_k, 2004

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Comment by lord_k on April 28, 2012 at 6:39pm

Fixed. Thank you.

Comment by George Fairbairn on April 27, 2012 at 3:53pm

Re your picture of BPJ 224:  this is an AEC 'Q' type motorbus of 1934.  It was built thus and was not a trolleybus  conversion.  The engine was on the right side, within the wheelbase.  You can see the cooling vents very clearly in the image.  The entrance was at the front, hence the short rear overhang (overall length was very restricted in thise days).

This example was Q5 in the London Transport fleet, and remained in service throughout the second world war before sale in 1950 and conversion to a caravan.

A full history of the London Transport examples of the AEC 'Q' can be found at Ian's Bus Stop (http://www.countrybus.org/Q/Q.html). Some examples were also built for provinicial fleets.

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