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A small British car, built postwar -  not the most advanced design but very characteristic of the period.

Jowett Jupiter sports cars were built from 1950 to 1954 all of which were powered by a Jowett-designed 1486cc flat four pushrod engine of 60-62BHP in standard form. Most Jupiters constructed were the aluminium-bodied Mk1 (731) and the Mk1a (94). A further 75 fully equipped Jupiter rolling chassis were sold to specialist coachbuilders like Stabilimenti Farina, Gebruder Beutler, Ghia Suisse, Richard Mead, Abbott of Farnham, to name but five. The Factory built three sports-racing R1-type Jupiters for the Le Mans 24-hour races of 1951 and 1952 to capitalise on the standard Jupiter's class win at that race in 1950. During 1953 three R4-type Jupiters were designed and built on a quite different chassis to take Jowett into the mid fifties and beyond. Bodywork was to be in a plastic-resin laminate. (Source)

Special thanks to david.hayes77, Albert S. Bite, D_m_i_t_r_y, robertknight16, Dmentd, aldenjewell @ Flickr9

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