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Today, I am happy to present one the finest and extremely rare American automobiles - duPont.

In 1802 E.I duPont deNemours and Company was formed to produce gunpowder. It was located in Wilmington, Delaware. From there is began producing various industrial and consumer products. In 1919 the duPont car Company was formed by E. Paul duPont. During the First World War it produced marine engines.

In 1919 the Model A was displayed at the New York International Auto Show, held at the Commodore Hotel. The Auto Show at that time was by invitation only and catered to wealthy individuals. Sitting atop a 3150 mm wheelbase and powered by a four-cylinder engine, the Model A was built as a luxury and exclusive automobile, outfitted with exquisite coachwork including Murphy, Merrimac and Wolfington.
In 1928, duPont introduced their first eight-cylinder engine and their Model G:

The Continental engine displaced 5.3-liters and produced 125 horsepower. The Model G was available as a phaeton, coupe, sedan, Victoria, limousine, sport, and convertible. Coachbuilders were given the opportunity to great the elegant bodies for this ultra-luxury vehicles, such as Merrimac, Derham, and Waterhouse.

The cost to own one was between $4,360 and $6,125 depending on coachwork and configuration.

A few duPonts were even used in racing, though they picked the world's greatest stages to showcase their talents. Their initial example to enter the LeMans was declined since rules stated that four seats were required.

In response, two four-passenger speedster were created, one was ready in time for the race:The car ran strong until it was forced to retire prematurely from the 24-Hour race.

In 1930 a duPont was entered in the Indianapolis 500:

The car raced for 22 laps before swerving to avoid a pile-up and running into a wall.

From 1930 through 1931, duPont produced the Model H:

This was also produced in low numbers, only three created. It used a Stearns-Knigh frame that had been lengthened to a wheelbase of 3683 mm.

The Great Depression was ultimately the reason for the demise of the luxury car manufacturer, duPont.

During the production lifespan lasting from 1919 through 1931, only 537 duPont automobiles were produced.

More pictures in the duPont album. Browse it or enjoy the slideshow:

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Text: Conceptcarz
Images: Supercars & aldenjewell @ Flickr. Headline photograph by Daniel Vaughan of Supercars.

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Comment by lord_k on May 20, 2011 at 5:27am
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Comment by Tome Wilson on August 27, 2010 at 12:00pm
Thanks Lord K!

My father has been working for DuPont since he was 17, and we live near the heart of DuPont country (Northern Delaware). Although the company isn't as influential as they once were, E.I duPont's family has opened many of their estates to the public, and they're quite beautiful. I especially enjoy Longwood Gardens.

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