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Sanuel H. Gottscho's (1875-1971) photographs of New York are rational - and romantic. His vision brings us right to Gotham, through the twilight and night to the sunny morning revealing all the city's power and grandeur.

It shows us how different the cityscape may look in different hours and seasons:

Samuel Gottscho acquired his first camera in 1896. From 1896 to 1920 he photographed part time specializing in houses and gardens as he particularly enjoyed nature, country scenes and landscapes. After attending several architectural photograph exhibitions, Gottscho decided to perfect and improve his own work and make the acquaintance of several architects and landscape architects in the area. After 23 years as a traveling salesman, Gottscho became a professional full time photographer at the young age of 50. Gottscho believed he created some of his best work at the age of 70. William Schleisner joined Gottscho in his business in 1935*.
I hope this album can serve as a valuable addition to Tome's New York collection
Enjoy the slideshow:

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* Text: Library of Congress

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Comment by Hayen Mill on November 28, 2009 at 7:49am
jaw-dropping gorgeous

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