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"Papa Ain't No Santa Claus," But Pilsner Is!

So here we have my Xmas stocking-stuffers for all you good boys and girls (I prefer bad girls myself, but that's another subject). If you're sick of the usual Yuletide chestnuts— and who isn't?— try playing some of these at your next holiday party, instead:


I've changed the format a bit this year, mixing in some non-holiday music. That's mainly because I have a limited supply of the stuff, and some of these tunes I've posted before. Of some historical note here is (I think) the first-ever recording of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." An odd tune to have become one of the holiday classics if you ask me, because the lyrics don't exactly present Santa in a positive light— he comes off more like an uber-spy or the J. Edgar Hoover of the North Pole. Also of historical interest, the uncredited pianist on the Butterbeans & Susie record is almost certainly the great James P. Johnson, "father of Harlem piano."

"Little Drummer Boys? We don't need no steenkin' Little Drummer Boys!"

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