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Getting back on track, I am happy to announce 8th part of dieselpunkish warmachines from the 40s.  

To have a good start, we begin with an awesome project of...

Land Navy 

December 31st, 1942 

This great project of "Super-powered Land Armoured Army" came from the NKVD engineer, who served in a Far-eastern factory. It comprised 13 pages of descriptions and two schemes (the drawings are rather amateurish, and lack quality, but you will definitely be impressed!) 

The Superpowered Land Battleships came in 2 forms -  "Personnel Carrier" and "Strike Craft". 

Type "D" 

Total weight - ~3 200 tons 

Armaments - 8x130 mm cannons, 12x76 mm cannons 

Type "B"

Total weight - ~2 800 tons

Armaments: 4x203mm cannons, 12x130mm cannons, 12x76mm cannons, and a number of MGs...and a Death-Rolla in the front:)


April 13th, 1941

Yet another one...not a lot of details, so let's just enjoy the picture.


March 1943

2 designs of "super-speed trackless tank" came via human resources department of the Communist party. (anouther "double" for today's part!)

First one was "Light High-speed Trackless Tank SST-1":

Weight - 5 tons
Crew - 3 people
Maximum speed - 150 km/h
Armour - 20 mm
Armament - 1x20 mm cannon, 1x7,62 mm MG

Second - "Medium High-speed Trackless Tank SST-2":

Weight - 15 tons
Crew - 5 people
Maximum speed  - 120 km/h
Armour - 105 mm
Armament - 1x45 mm пушка, 3x7,62 mm MGs

"Double" is indeed a word for today's article, behold

The ReconBike

August 4th, 1941

No more details, unfortunately. 

Last one for today will be AA self-propelled artillery project: 


April, 1942 

The peculiar thing about this project is the initial possibility of firing at land targets. 

In fact, this is, obviously, a precursor of modern gun-trucks, with directly stated task of escorting convoys.

Carried weight: ~4100 kg

Armaments: 1x37mm AA Gun (360 degrees turning); 2 MGs (one with AA capabilities)

Armour: 15mm

And that's it for today.

All credits go to Yuri Pasholok and Central Archives of Russian MOD.

10th part of this series is approaching, and I have a proposal - let's make "part 10" (or "part 11", if you would prefer so) an "All-star" set. Next week I will start a discussion so everyone will have a possibility to name his personal favourite, like "2/5" that will mean vehicle number 2 from the Part 5, or something like that. And than I will assemble a "Top-5" and add some "nominations". What's your opinion, comrades?

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Comment by Cap'n Tony on March 28, 2012 at 12:20pm

Cheap!  I'll take two.

Comment by Komissar Hass on March 27, 2012 at 9:14am

Not much, Cap'n! The author of this project (I believe you mean mototrcycle recon, don't you?) estimated the cost for two prototypes (without the bikes!) as 25 000 roubles, that was roughly 1 700 USD at the time, that makes more than 27 000 USD in 2012...)

Comment by Cap'n Tony on March 27, 2012 at 8:58am

I just want to Sidecar of Doom for my daily commute.  is that to much to ask?

Comment by Komissar Hass on March 27, 2012 at 5:57am

Thank you for a precise selection, sir! Your personal weapon of choice, without any doubt, is an excelent combination for stealth actions.

Comment by Bryan D. Amage on March 27, 2012 at 5:10am

Greetings господин Hass, 

I think it would be a wonderfull idea to create an all star edition! 

The next two weeks will be very busy for me and i'm not sure if i will have time to respond to a future discussion.. That's why i  have taken the liberty to post my personal favorites  here

R-DP 1: Saw '42 / Winterscrew

R-DP2: 'Hell on two wheels'

R-DP3: 'Streamline of fire' / über hetzer

R-DP4: Mono mobile / Spherical tank

R-DP5: Zion Diesel

R-DP6: Armenian mountain tank

R-DP7: Human powered tank

R-DP8: Reconbike

But.. my personal weapon of choice in an alternate diesel universe would certainly be:  a monocycle with two 'hockeypuck of death'-launchers..

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