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It's about six months since I came here. Six months - quite a sufficient amount of time for summing up. So I took the liberty of analyzing our development, and the picture below is just an eye-stopper.

This network is a success, so far so good. Not a 'fantastic success story', but an indisputable success, thanks to Tome. He succeeded in creating a friendly, comfortable, versatile environment - much better that anything I've seen at the other Dieselpunk spots around the web. Everyone is free to do what suits him most (for example, I prefer a blogpost form, so I post it here and not in the Discussions). And Tome is busy with improving this environment day after day.
The other important thing is our rate of growth. The community is progressing at a healthy pace, with 2-3 new friends joining us every day and overall membership approaching 400. I know that in every community the active members constitute no more than 10 per cent. It's hard to keep a less-than-200 network alive. With 400-plus the sky is the limit.
Third, there's a good interaction between our network and other resources. I am a great believer in such interaction and doing my best to make stuff from my personal blogs available here and elsewhere, and vice versa. Hope that others will care to do the same.
Now, the content. To increase its quality and diversity, we have to do something very simple, very natural: share something we love. Just a couple of days ago HAC exhibited his collection of period timepieces. I am sure that many of us collect equally fascinating objects, real or virtual. They are waiting to be shared and praised here.
If anyone is in DIY business, or in using the good old tech of every kind, or in restoring some A-model Ford, or in flying a DH Vampire on Sundays, it all can be exposed here.
And share your wisdom, too - in the blogposts, discussions, comments of every kind.
Our galleries and video library are open to new submissions, don't forget it.
Let us share the things and thoughts we love to love them together.
Send your messages, the pneumatic mail is in perfect working order.
See you on my cinemascope!

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